Thursday, January 26, 2012

For the Fun of the Game

Sports have always been a part of my life.  I have been blessed with some athletic ability.  I can also say that my kids are following in my foot steps and are enjoying the joy of playing sports.  I have been coaching both kids in basketball, football, and baseball for the past couple of years.  I have enjoyed it very much but there are times when I can say that it is very taxing.  You want your kid to be good and I find myself trying to fix every little thing that they are doing.  Which doesn't help them get better it just makes them frustrated.  Then I become frustrated. I guess the point I am making is the coaching can only go so far then you have to back off and let them spread there wings.  I have been coaching a basketball team the past 2 months they are 5-6 year olds and the thing that I realize is if they are having fun then I am coaching the way I should be.  Sometimes we need to back off with cramming the fundamentals down  their throats and enjoy the game. Learning will come and so will the competitive nature to get better 4,5,6,7,8 and 9 year olds just want to have fun so take this train of thought to the next practice you have. Remember you have to make learning fun and some games, compositions, and a little instruction and your team will get better all the way around.  I want to hear your opinion on the topic?

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