Thursday, January 5, 2012

That was a foul come on Ref..

I recently refed a basketball game where there were kids having fun playing the game they love.  If you have been around the sport you know that it is sometimes impossible to call everything by the rule book, it's mostly crowd control.  The key is trying to run a program that teaches the rules positively and without conflict. That being said I also coach a kindergarten team that just want to shoot the ball, they could careless about learning anything else.  The point is kids just want to play and have fun.  So if you are parent set back and think alittle less about winning and alittle more about teaching and having fun.  We also need to show our kids that it is not OK to yell at the ref or the coaches and we as coaches and ref need to do the same.  It is tough to show that when you turn on a game and the players, coaches and fans are all yelling at each other. Bench clearing brawels, players, and coaches running in to the stands to fight the fans,  just make it impossible to show our kids the right way to play a sport.  So the next time you are at a practice, game or watching on TV take the time to teach the right things to do and not yell at the ref or coach....not to mention the TV.

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