Monday, January 28, 2013

Baseball = Studying

As coaches we come in contact with many kids. At the field, in the stands, or in our schools. We preach about learning the game of baseball. You may ask if they caught the games on TV the night before. Or did you study your own hitting mechanics on the video you made for them. Sometimes we as coaches get caught up in coaching.
As kids we all wanted to make to the big leagues. You dream about playing for you favorite team. So you were always practicing at the field, in the backyard or even in the basement. When ask what you want to be when you grow up you always said I want to be a baseball player. As kids we get caught up in trying to make it big.

In both of these scenarios we are missing one important thing. As coaches we need not only to make our players better baseball players but we need to help them become better students in school. As students we need to not only practice the game of baseball but we need to form better study habits, read daily, and perform as hard in the classroom as on the field. I would never tell anyone that they can not be a major league baseball player but things happen and if you wasn't a good student then you will not have anything to fall back on.

Improving your study habits in school can also help with baseball. You will learn to concentrate more on different tasks, you will become better at time management, and you may even get in to college on an academic scholarship instead of an athletic scholarship or both and not have student loans.

As coaches we need to not only teach the game of baseball but we have to push our players to become better students and people. No matter what level you coach there is someone that looks up to you. You are the coach. You are the one with the guidance that the players are looking for or need. As players you have the responsibility to be good students as well as baseball players. So crack the books and get busy learning.

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