Saturday, January 26, 2013

Hustle and Heart

I remember when I was little my baseball uniform was always dirty. I felt that if it wasn't I didn't try hard enough that day. You can teach many fascists of the game hitting, fielding, throwing, and base running but you can't teach hustle or heart. You either have it or you don't. Sure you can make your kids run on and off the field inning after inning. One of my coach would always say run to your position or some one else will.

You know the players that no matter where the ball is hit they are busting it down the line to try to leg out a base hit. Or taking the extra base on a line drive to the outfield. Outfielders who run as hard as they can to every hit diving or sacrificing there body to make a catch. Or the infielder who dives for a ball in the hole instead of letting it roll through without an attempt. You either have it or you don't

Here are a list of the top 30 hustle award nominees of 2012

The 30 individual team winners are as follows:
American League
Baltimore Orioles: Adam Jones
Boston Red Sox: Dustin Pedroia
Chicago White Sox: Alex Rios
Cleveland Indians: Jason Kipnis
Detroit Tigers: Austin Jackson
Kansas City Royals: Jeff Francoeur
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: Mike Trout
Minnesota Twins: Jamey Carroll
New York Yankees: Curtis Granderson
Oakland Athletics: Jonny Gomes
Seattle Mariners: Munenori Kawasaki
Tampa Bay Rays: Ben Zobrist
Texas Rangers: David Murphy
Toronto Blue Jays: Edwin Encarnacion

 National League
Arizona Diamondbacks: Willie Bloomquist
Atlanta Braves: Martin Prado
Chicago Cubs: Darwin Barney
Cincinnati Reds: Chris Heisey
Colorado Rockies: Michael Cuddyer
Houston Astros: Jose Altuve
Los Angeles Dodgers: Jerry Hairston
Miami Marlins: Jose Reyes
Milwaukee Brewers: Corey Hart
New York Mets: David Wright
Philadelphia Phillies: Carlos Ruiz
Pittsburgh Pirates: Andrew McCutchen
San Diego Padres: Nick Hundley
San Francisco Giants: Melky Cabrera
St. Louis Cardinals: David Freese
Washington Nationals: Bryce Harper
This was the list of the nominees for the 2012 heart and hustle award from the MLBAA.
Mike Trout was the overall winner of the award and probably well deserved. Hustle is something you have to do for yourself but it will turn the scouts head just as much as hitting homers and pitching 90 mph. I would rather have a team of players that give 100% every at bat or on every play then one superstar that dogs it.

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