Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Self Control

Hey ump you watching the same game we are? Hey ump you are horrible! On the baseball field things can get out of hand. Umpires make a bad call and the coaches or players scream, kick dirt and throw stuff. The fans take suit and begin yelling and a game that was chugging along just ended up out of control. I recently started coaching a church based basketball program and we were talking able self control. We talked about how people without self control is like a city in the old testament that didn't have a protective wall around their city. Without that walk everything can be stolen, or destroyed in seconds. The same thing happens to us if we lose control. As coaches or players we work hard to protect our game. We practice for hours, watch film, and build up our presents on and off the field. All of which can be taken away with the loss of your self control. Yes all those umpires out there sometimes they do make mistakes but not as often as some of you coaches or players think. If you think an umpire or referee made a bad call it is easier on both if you calmly call timeout walk up to the umpire and discuss the call. It will show respect for the ump, it will help you with your self control, and you maybe able to get an edge in on the call instead of just yelling obscenities about the umps mother. In the end keeping your cool will help you gain respect from parents, umpires, management, and your players. Most may disagree but try it out next time take a deep breath and count to ten on your way to talk over a call and you may get to finish watching the game from the dugout instead of the shower with a changed call on your side.

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