Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Wooden Bat

Wooden bats have been around from the start of baseball. Bats start out as a split of wood whether it is ash or maple. The split of wood is the turned into a billet. image When a wooden bat is made it is turned on a lathe, this allows the billet to spin at a high rate of speed. With the billet spinning the wood is cut, or sheared off the bat against the grain with different wood working tools. image Making a bat on a lathe creates small tears and rough edges in the grain of the wood. The Bat is then sanded to end the processes of producing a wooden baseball bat. Then the bat is cleaned and dipped into the coating of the bat. If you choose an ash bat you can add a process called boning before the coating process is done. This step can harden a bat to make it preform better and last longer. Boning the bat compresses the wood, lays down the rough edges, and smooths the exterior surface of the bat. image If this process is done correctly then the unfinished bat should look like it has a clear coat on it. You can bone a bat by using an old bone, a piece of porcelain, or a hard pipe. You can do this on your own or some of the bat companies are adding this to their process if you ask. The process of making a baseball bat is fun to learn about if you like baseball. I also think that a well constructed bat can get you along way in the game of baseball compared to aluminum counterpart. You can become an all around better hitter using a wood bat. A couple of companies I like are (BITTINGERWAR1 in promo code at checkout) image image

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