Monday, February 18, 2013

Getting Back At It!

Well we had our first practice yesterday with my pinto team. Going to be a very fun year. I have some new faces but kids that want to learn. It was good to get back to the basics. If you start with the fundamentals and teach them the right way to throw a baseball or the basic set up for a baseball swing it makes your job as coach easier. We started with a drill where I lined the kids up across the gym facing a wall. I called out numbers to them 1. being the arms forming a W or L pointing the glove at the wall. Then 2. was pulling the arm in forming a wing and 3. throwing and following through with throwing hand to pocket. After about 5 minutes I paired them up and had them throw to partners the same way.
When I watched each one to correct what needed correcting I teamed them up the length of the gym in separate line for a throwing relay.



The first person started with the ball and I had them throw to the next one in line. The next person had to catch the baseball as they would if they were catching a throw as a cutoff with the glove pointed toward the next person in line for a quick and accurate throw. If the throw got away that person who missed the ball had to run it down get back to the position and continue. We went down and back the kids loved it.

Practice can be instructional but also fun. Remember fun drills lighten the learning but still practices good fundamental. So have fun but teach
the proper ways and your coaching will become alot easier and give you more time to teach the parents to relax and let the kids have fun as well. Well maybe not the last one.

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