Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Leadership Is Important

Baseball is not an individual sport. There are nine players on the field at all times. If one of those players is having a bad day it usually hurts the whole team. If some decide to slack off and not get it there all you can see the drop off through out the whole team. Whether it is from an error or a bases loaded strikeout, your team can suffer if they are not picked up be a teammate. But if you have a team that plays as one, lives and dies together, picks each other up, then you are headed in the right direction. When you have a team buying into a team philosophy then you will see a difference in your performance.  As coaches we need to encourage and promote an environment  for that to happen. Every team has a leader they just have to be spotted. They are the ones who shouts encouragement or lets someone know what they need to do.They pick a player up when he is done. They lead on the field and off as well. All the players look up to them. I have found a video that drills home this point. You don't have to be big and strong to lead you just need to encourage, believe, and care.

 (For those who want to buy the movie it is great Facing The Giants.)

A leader can be spotted in pro sports most have the C on the jersey. Be the leader of your team, business, or family needs you don't have to have the C per say. Step up and comfort when someone is down give them the will to keep going. It is easy to lead when things are going well but a true leader is someone that can encourage and push when things are not going so smooth. God has given you the ability to lead. Can I count on you? Can you be that leader?

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