Monday, April 1, 2013

Improve Your Game

A good drill for keeping your hand above the baseball to hit a high strike is the hit tee drill. This is performed by placing the tee on one of the three spots on the plate inside, down the middle, or on the outside corner. Set the tee height about Letter high if you have to place the tee on a bucket to increase the height. Work on keeping your hand above the baseball forcing you to keep the bat in the hitting zone for the longest time. This also helps you hit line drives and groundball not the dreaded popup. You have to concentrate on weight shift and staying on top the ball. Try to turn every drill in to game situations to help keep things fun. If you add a wooden bat you can work on hitting a smaller sweetspot as well. Message me today for great deals on Akadema wooden bats. If you could only work on one drill what would it be.  #improveyourgame

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