Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Baseball Tips On Hitting: A Totally Bizarre Way To Raise Your Batting Average!

If you coach a baseball team or have a few baseball players in your family you need to read this article. Everyone that has played baseball or is playing baseball has been in a slump at one point. Until players get older and realize that linedrive base hits and getting on base is just as important as trying to hit the ball out of the park every single time resulting in 70% of the time getting out. They will need this tip. Here is the slump buster right here. This article talks about focusing on hitting the baseball right back at the pitchers belt buckle. Which keep you eyes and focus where it should be and not over swinging. The key to baseball is consistant contact and this tip will help. Larry ( is a great baseball writer with some good tips to improve your game. On his site you will find more great work but start with this article and bust out of that slump you are in. Baseball Tips On Hitting: A Totally Bizarre Way To Raise Your Batting Average!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Funnel

              The Funnel: An open glove for infielders.

 There are a number of baseball players these days bending the fingers of their gloves out during the break in process of their gloves. The infielders bend the thumb and pinky fingers of their gloves outward to keep their glove open, so Akadema has created the Funnel. A glove that stays open, naturally. How? By inverting the thumb and pinky finger. Not only does it keep an infielder’s glove open, it helps them cover more fielding surface to stop a hard ground ball up the middle or that two hopper in the hole. Which sure comes in handy when you’re looking to turn a double play.

Here are two of the Funnel gloves made by Akadema. If you want to purchase yours contact me today at I am a independent sales rep that can give you more information and great deals on any of the akadema products.

11.5” Funnel pattern, ProSoft leather, I-web, medium pocket, inverted thumb and pinky funnel design. Right hand throw only. $109.99

11.5” Funnel pattern, Torino leather, I-web, dual-hinge with inverted thumb and pinky finger design, open back, medium pocket. $224.99

You can also customize your own Akadema Glove by clicking on this link:
Akadema Pro Custom Equipment Builder