Monday, February 16, 2015

Baseball Friends And Memories!

Baseball its a childs game that if you are lucky you get to play when you are grown. When it comes down to it the game is about building a relationship. A relationship with your coach, the umpire, and your team. The game can bring you closer to your family whethers it is passing in the backyard, watching a game at the park, or setting down and listening to your favorite team on the radio. Baseball is a way of life. 

Some have the talent to play it at a high level and some just get to play in the backyard with their brothers, sisters, or friends. If you take the time to think about your childhood some of the best time are when you were playing baseball. As a child I was always working on improving my game. As a dad I have tried to show my boys how to improve theirs. 

I am now a coach for a couple of youth baseball teams and I try to keep the love of the game alive in them. As coaches we need to realize that the passion we have for the game of baseball has been instilled in us over the years but the teams we coach need to find that passion for themselves. You can't force the kids to have it. Some do and some don't, but we can show them how to improve each and everytime they step on to the field for practice, or a game. 

The bottom line is baseball is still a childs game don't ruin it for them. Winning is awesome, losing hurts, but growing the love of the game can last a life time.

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