Thursday, February 5, 2015

Getting Ready For The Season

This time of year we have numerous teams getting ready for the upcoming baseball season. Youth Baseball is right around the corner. So what should you be doing to get ready and stay injury free.

Top 5 things to get you ready for the season
1. Sprint Training
We have all seen it in the past were pitchers are running around the outside of the field like distance runner. I am here to tell you to stop wasting your time.
Baseball players should be running game like sprints.
  1. Turn and go sprints
  2. First base sprints
  3. First to third sprints
  4. Second to home sprints

2. Agility and Plyo work
As baseball players you have to stay athletic in doing so you have to run, jump, slide, squat, etc. The best way to do that is with agility and plyo moves.
  1. Forward Backward Bounding
  2. Side to Side Bounding
  3. Squat jumps
  4. Knee with Sprint
  5. Hurdle jumps
  6. Ladder in and outs with med ball

3. Setting up a diet plan
As the season start your energy level will be high and your staying habit will be good. But studies show that as the season wears on eating habits suffer and well balance meals turn in to pizza, burgers, and fries. So why not prepare for the season with a written plan to follow. Making sure to get a good breakfast every morning. Have snacks like protein bars, nuts, and fruit in your bag. Also always have water on hand. You must stay hydrated or you will see a decline in performance. A diet is like anything else with baseball the more it is practiced the easier it is to follow.

4. Time for BP
Time to take swing after swing to get prepared for the long grind. Working on timing, mechanics, and tough hands.  Some equipment that can help with BP drills are:
  1. Hitting Jackit
  2. Zepp Swing Sensor

5. Fielding Practice
Time to get in front of the Jugs machine for some ground balls. You have to condition your body for the betting it take during the season just field a ground ball. Catchers have to strength the legs and back to withstand the season long grind of crouching down in their position as well.

In the up coming posts we will be breaking each one of these steps down and going more in depth for each point. As you can see you just can show up on the first day of practice and be ready to compete. Time to get to work!

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