Wednesday, March 18, 2015



The Complete Guide to Pitching This book is probably the most comprehensive book on pitching for high school and college pitchers. It does have some information broken down for youth pitchers too.

Complete Conditioning for Baseball A good book for anyone looking to become stronger baseball player. This book gives a comprehensive approach for pre, post, and in season training.

Strength Training Equipment:

Power Systems Elite Power Medicine Ball If you are a baseball player or just someone looking for a functional workout these medicine balls from power systems are a great purchase. Can be used for slams, throws, and lifts.

TRX Suspension Training Home Kit The TRX is one of the best exercise tools you could have in your tool box. Goes anywhere and gives you a great workout using your own bodyweight.

Baseball Equipment

Akadema Inc. Is becoming one of the best glove company in the business. You can find gloves for youth players all the way to the pro level. Akadema also has bats, equipment bags, and apparel. Get your equipment from them today.

Total Control Sports Baseball Size Batting Ball This ball is great for teaching a player to drive through the ball. Also great for tight spaces. Can be use for soft toss, front toss, and tee work.

The Hitting Jackit Can be used on any bat during batting practice for added weight to help strengthen the muscle used for your swing. Can be use in live BP, tee work, soft toss, and front toss.

Zepp 3D Baseball Swing Analyzer This could be one of the best new baseball inventions. The analyzer attaches to the knob of the bat and syncs with the app form the app store, or Google Play store to display your swings. Then gives you a break down of bat speed, bat angle, hand speed, attack angle, and time to impact. You cam also video your swing and compare it to the pros like Trout, Stanton, and Pence.

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